Find your ancestors in Ashe's Limerick and Clare Directory 1891-92

Published in Limerick by H. & E. Ashe, The Directory of the City of Limerick & County Clare, 1891-92, is one of only a small number of directories dealing with Limerick and Clare published before the end of the 19th Century. Included in this directory is a short history of the city, with special notes on the city's harbour and docks.

As well as the business listings there is a lengthy street directory of the residents of the city. What makes this directory so important is that it also covers the county of Limerick as well as Clare. The Limerick county details are quite extensive. All the major towns and villages are covered, recording the details of the professionals, large farmers, traders, merchants as well as the gentlemen. There are also lists of the schools and the religious, social and civic foundations associated with each town.

The details for Clare are quite similar, which again makes this unique as there are so few directories for County Clare.