Find your ancestors in Ireland, Histories & Reference Guides

Ireland, Histories & Reference Guides

Publications about the social history of your ancestor’s home are useful in creating a full narrative about your ancestor’s life and how your ancestor lived. The various titles provide images of iconic landmarks in Ireland as well as descriptions of townlands and local people. You may not gain a large amount of genealogical details from these book. However, search for your surname and you may discover great achievements or histories about those who held the same name.

Here are a sample of some of the publications you will discover in this collection:

  • Album of Ireland
  • Published by Thomas J Coleman & Co. in Dublin, this title includes 53 etchings of people and places throughout Ireland including O’Connell Bridge, Dublin; Wicklow Mountains; Blarney Castle, Cork; and Giant’s Causeway, Antrim.

  • A Little Tour of Ireland
  • Enjoy a tour through Dublin, Galway, Connemara, Athlone, Limerick, Killarney, Cork, and more with this descriptive text and numerous illustrations. The illustrations were created by John Leech who previously illustrated Punch magazine. A Little Tour of Ireland was first published in 1859 under the pseudonym an Oxonian, which means a former member of Oxford University. The author is, in fact, Samuel Reynolds Hole. During his journey through Ireland, Hole described his experience in Clifden, a coastal town in Galway, as:

    ‘We were on Irish ground; the stillness and the solitude so wildly broken, encourages all our superstitious fancies; and everything we had read or heard of Bogies, Banshees, Kelpies, and Co., came back to our astonied [sic] souls. Were we, really, to witness something supernatural at last, something, which, when we got home, should make the teeth of our neighbours chatter, and cause the hair to stank up on our relations’ heads?'

  • Ireland in Pictures
  • This was published in 1898 by Honourable John F Finerty of Chicago to commemorate the Rebellion of 1798. It is a collection of photographs of places, buildings, and people in Ireland. The photographs depict life in 19th century Ireland. The captions provide a short history of the town or landmark depicted in the image.

  • The Tourist’s Picturesque Guide to Ireland
  • In 1885, W E Wakeman published this guide to Ireland. Wakeman also wrote Three Days on the Shannon, Handbook of Irish Antiquities, and Guide to Lough Erne. The introduction provides a history beginning with ancient Ireland and the time of Tuatha-De-Danaan. The first 80 pages examines sites in Dublin. Wakeman also explores places further from Dublin including Malahide, Dundalk, Rostrevor, Lough Corrib, Killarney, Kildare, and more.

Titles available

A Little Tour in Ireland, published 1859

A Patriot Prelate, the Late Most. Rev. Dr. Duggan, Bishop of Clonfert 1872-1896, published 1917

Album of Ireland

An Historical and Critical Review of the Civil Wars in Ireland, from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Settlement under King William, published 1786

Archaeologia Hibernica, a Handbook of Irish Antiquities, Pagan and Christian, published 1848

Croasdaile's History of Rosenallis, Co. Laois, Ireland, published 1998

Dublin's Riviera in the Mid 19th Century, published 2000

Five Years in Ireland 1895-1900, published 1901

Gerald Fitzgerald, the Great Earl of Kildare (1456-1513), 1933

History of Ireland, published 1850

Ireland and England, in the Past and Present, published 1919

Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Church - A History of Ireland and Irish Christianity from the Anglo- Norman Conquest to the Dawn of the Reformation, published 1897

Ireland in Pictures, published 1898

Irish Diamonds, published 1847

Irish Impressions, published 1919

Jail Journal, 2nd Edition published 1914

Life of Daniel O'Connell, The Liberator, his Times - Political, Social and Religious, published 1872

Literary Life: Essays and Poems, published 1921

Real Life in Ireland by a Real Paddy, published 1904

*Reminiscences of Sir Charles Cameron C.B&, published 1913

Report on Pawnbroking in Ireland, published 1838

The Case for Ireland Re-Stated, to the President of the United States Of America, with Explanatory Historical Points, published 1918

The Confederation of Kilkenny, published 1905

The Felon's Track or History of the Attempted Outbreak in Ireland (1843-1848), published 1916

The Great Famine In Ireland and A Retrospect Of The Fifty Years 1845-1895 with a Sketch of the Present Condition and Future Prospects of the Congested Districts, published 1896

The History of Ireland, Ancient and Modern, published 1848

The Irish in Britain from the Earliest Times to the Fall and Death of Parnell, published 1892

The Irish Independence Movement on Tyneside 1919-1921, published 1999

The Making of Ireland and Its Undoing 1200-1600, published 1908

The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland, published 1889

The Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation, published 1833

The Speeches of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, published 1854

The Story of Ireland: A Narrative of Irish History, From the Earliest Ages to the Insurrection of 1867, published 1884

The Tourist's Picturesque Guide to Ireland, published 1885

The Wrecks of the Spanish Armada on the Coast of Ireland, from the Geographical Journal, published 1906

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, published 1853

Weavers & Related Trades, Dublin 1826, published 1998

Weavers of Prosporous, County Kildare, Balbriggan, County Dublin and Tullamore, County Offaly in Memorials of 1826, published 1998

Wild Sports of the West, with Legendary Tales and Local Sketches, published 1838