Find your ancestors in The Post Office Annual Directory and Calendar, 1843

Published annually by John S. Folds, The Post Office Annual Directory and Calendar for Dublin is an extremely rare and valuable source of information for anyone researching ancestors from Dublin. First published before Thom's Directories it provides information for a time when very few other sources of information still exist.

This edition, from 1843, has 650 pages and a wealth of information. Like many other directories The Post Office Directory has listings of all the military, religious, educational, medical, legal and police establishments both in the city and county. There is a also a listing of the gentry and peerage of Ireland.

The majority of the directory is taken up with lists of the nobility, gentry, merchants and traders of the city and surrounding vicinity. This is followed by listings for many of the professions, such as the legal and medical professions as well as listings of the senior staff at Trinity and the College of Maynooth. There is also an alphabetical list of the streets and lanes of the city itself.

The remainder of the directory is taken up with the Post Office section of the directory, giving listings of the post towns, postage rates, as well as details of the mail and stage coaches from Dublin.Because of the early pre-famine publication of this directory it is an invaluable resource for researching Dublin City and County.