Find your ancestors in Dublin Registers & Records

There are eight Irish titles, comprised of PDF images, included in this collection. They contain parish records (baptisms, marriages, and burials) from the Church of Ireland, which will often include a combination of the following, depending on which type of record you are viewing:

  • Name
  • Event date
  • Parents’ names
  • Husband’s name

Occasionally, other details are recorded, such as father’s occupation or how a couple was married (by banns or by licence).

If searching by a full name does not yield the desired result, try searching by just the last name. You can also search the index in the back of these titles to help pinpoint where in the publication your ancestor is located. Additionally, by using the previous/next buttons, you can flip through the registers in their entirety to see all the names listed.

If you wish to read a publication from the beginning, search by the title name and sort by image number. The first page, image number 1, will be the start of the publication. Then use the previous and next buttons to read the entire publication. By starting at the beginning of a title, you can read the preface, which often includes additional insights into the publication and its organization, as well as what it can offer you in your family history research.

Titles included in this collection

  • The Register of the Parish of Saint Peter and Saint Kevin 1669-1761, published in 1911 by William Pollard & Co. Ltd. – Christening, marriage, and burial registers from the first two surviving parish registers. This publication is volume 9 in the Parish Register Society of Dublin series.
  • The Registers of the Church of St. Michan 1636-1700, published in 1909 by Alexander Thom & Co. – These registers from St. Michan are some of the oldest surviving Irish parish records. Taken from four different parish registers, this publication contains christening, marriage, and burial records. This publication is part of the Parish Register Society of Dublin series, comprising volumes 2, 3, and 7.
  • Marriage Entries from the Registers of the Parishes St. Andrew, St. Anne, St. Audoen, & St. Bride 1632-1800, published in 1913 by William Pollard & Co. Ltd. – This publication, comprising volume 11 of the Parish Register Society of Dublin series, includes marriage records and appendixes of occupations and places contained within this volume. This contains some of the oldest surviving Irish parish records and the only surviving records from the Parish of St. Bride. Some records related to famous individuals can be found within its pages, like the marriage record for Wolfe Tone, the father of Irish republicanism and co-founder of the Society of United Irishmen.
  • The Register of St. Nicholas Without 1694-1739, published 1912 by William Pollard & Co. Ltd. – Volume 10 of the Parish Register Society of Dublin contains some of the earliest surviving registers for baptisms, marriages, and deaths from the Church of St. Nicholas Without. Worship services were held in the north transept of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick and burials took place in the Cabbage Garden adjacent the cathedral.
  • Marriage Entries in the Registers of the Parishes of S. Marie, S. Luke, S. Catherine and S. Werburgh 1627-1800, published in 1915 by William Pollard and Co. Ltd. – Part of the Parish Register Society of Dublin, this publication contains some of the most complete marriage records: where entries were missing, the editor supplemented the entries with information from other sources, such as the Dublin Grant Book and Prerogative Grant Book. Marriage entries span the following years: St. Marie (1697-1800), St. Luke (1716-1800), St. Catherine (1715-1800), and St. Werburgh (1704-1800).
  • The Registers of St. John the Evangelist 1619-1699, published in 1906 by Alexander Thom & Co. – This publication is the first volume of the Parish Register Society of Dublin series. Registers from St. John the Evangelist are the earliest known surviving Irish registers. They contain all the christening, marriage, and burial records from the first two folio parchment registers for St. John’s parish. Also contained within this publication are entries from the Churchwardens’ Books, lists of parish cess (church tax) payers (for years 1621, 1646, 1687), and the English who fled to the parish due to the Irish Rebellion of 1641.
  • The Registers of St. Catherine 1636-1715, published in 1908 by William Pollard & Co. Ltd. – Volume 5 of the Parish Register Society of Dublin, contains the parish registers of St. Catherine, which are some of the oldest in Ireland, likely dating back to the Canon of 1634, which instructed Irish parishes and chapels to keep accounts of their christenings, marriages, and burials: ‘In every parish church and chapel within this realm shall be provided one parchment book at the charge of the parish, wherein shall be written the day and year of every christening, wedding, and burial’. This volume is divided into two chapters, the first being extracts from the register of St. Catherine and St. James, Dublin, 1636-1687 and the second being the register of St. Catherine, Dublin, 1679-1715. Also included are extracts from the Subsidy Roll, City of Dublin, 1637 and from Hearth Money Roll, City of Dublin, 1666-67, as well as indexes for persons and places.
  • The Registers of St. Patrick 1677-1800, published in 1907 by Alexander Thom & Co. – This publication is volume 2 of the Parish Register Society of Dublin and is largely comprised of baptism and burial records. Included are the burial records are some of Dublin’s most distinguished citizens, such as Jonathan Swift and several archbishops.