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Discover suffragettes, schoolgoers and more in our new releases

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By Niall Cullen

11 March 2022
Findmypast Friday new releases

With thousands of new records to explore and improvements to existing collections, the potential discoveries are limitless this Findmypast Friday.

Where will your past take you this week? It could take you back to New Zealand in the 1890s, where we've enhanced our collection of fascinating suffrage petition records. Or maybe you'll end up at a Yorkshire school or Cambridgeshire cemetery. Wherever you land, our latest releases are here to provide you with family stories you won't get anywhere else.

Celebrating International Women's Day this week, we've made it even easier to explore our suffrage collections. You can now search by location to help pinpoint pioneering female ancestors.

Kate Shepphard New Zealand suffragette

Kate Sheppard, New Zealand's best-known suffragist, is featured in this collection. View her records.

Setting an example for the rest of the world to follow, New Zealand became the first country to grant voting rights to women in 1893.

Over 14,000 new records cover several cemeteries across Cambridgeshire. With them, you can uncover your ancestor's final resting place and gain important details for your family tree. Specifically, we've added brand new records from:

  • Whittelsey Cemetery
  • Ickleton, St Mary
  • Eastwood Burial Ground
  • Chatteris Cemetery

Our comprehensive parish lists are your essential research companion when exploring our ever-growing parish collections. They'll tell you the exact churches and graveyards included in each collection, along with the timeframe covered and the number of records for each location.

Did your relatives grow up in the Halifax area of Yorkshire? Discover more about their formative years with over 12,000 new school admission records.

Findmypast's extensive national school collection covers every corner of England and Wales. Not only do the records give you essential biographical information about your ancestors, they can reveal details you won't find anywhere else, like exam results and reasons for absence.

We're bringing you 22 brand new English and Scottish newspapers this week, alongside updates to 39 others. See if your family hit the headlines in our newest arrivals:

While it might be time to revisit the following papers - we've added even more pages to their archives:

  • Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser from 1987
  • Banffshire Advertiser from 1914
  • Bedfordshire on Sunday from 1987-1988
  • Birmingham Mail from 1988-1989
  • Birmingham News from 1988 and 1990-1991
  • Birmingham Weekly Mercury from 1987 and 1991
  • Bolton Evening News from 1914
  • Cambridge Daily News from 1990
  • Carmarthen Journal from 1991
  • County Express from 1914
  • Daily Record from 1989-1990
  • Denbighshire Free Press from 1913
  • Dover Chronicle from 1874 and 1877-1878
  • East Kent Gazette from 1986
  • Edinburgh Evening News from 1907 and 1909
  • Formby Times from 1987
  • Galloway News and Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser from 1987
  • Herapath’s Railway Journal from 1844-1848 and 1852-1903
  • Hinckley Times from 1986
  • Huddersfield Daily Examiner from 1991
  • Jersey Evening Post from 1913
  • London Chronicle from 1812 and 1815
  • Macclesfield Courier and Herald from 1833
  • Macclesfield Express from 1986
  • Marylebone Mercury from 1989
  • Merthyr Express from 1986
  • Middlesex County Times from 1991
  • Morning Herald (London) from 1829-1830
  • North Star (Darlington) from 1887
  • Norwood News from 1964
  • Nottingham Evening Post from 1986
  • Paisley Daily Express from 1988
  • Soulby’s Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer from 1913
  • Southport Visiter from 1987
  • Surrey Mirror from 1879
  • Tottenham and Edmonton Weekly Herald from 1913
  • Trowbridge Chronicle from 1862 and 1892
  • Westminster & Pimlico News from 1984 and 1991

To explore any of our new or updated publications, simply visit our newspaper search page and use the 'By Newspaper' filter to focus on the one you're most interested in.

Wherever your past takes you this Findmypast Friday, we hope it helps you understand your family, and yourself, a little better. We love hearing about your amazing discoveries. Tag @findmypast on social media to share them with us.