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Behind every headline there's a family - including yours. Enrich your family history with stories, moments and experiences you'll only discover in old newspapers in the largest collection of British and Irish newspapers online at Findmypast.

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First issue added: 1903

Latest issue: Thu Dec 30 1999


Issues: 2873

Pages: 36374


Years covered

1903-1942, 1944-1951, 1986, 1991-1996, 1999



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Old newspapers are full of birth, death and marriage notices that reveal colourful details and poignant tributes you won’t find in other records – perfect for growing your family tree.

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Birth records only tell half the story. Discover how your ancestor’s birth was unveiled to the world and unearth fascinating new details to add to your family tree.

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What was their wedding like? Discover how your ancestors announced their marriages in the pages of the press, and unlock exciting new details from the day to add to your family tree.

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Discover poignant details you won’t find in death records. Learn how your ancestors commemorated those they had lost, and add vital information to your family tree.

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Find your family's colourful history in black and white

Behind every headline there’s a family. Including yours. Enrich your family history with stories, moments and experiences you’ll only discover in old newspapers.

Read all about it with the largest collection of British and Irish newspapers online at Findmypast.



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"Without Findmypast’s newspapers, I would have never discovered that my 3 x great-grandfather was one of Britain’s first certified teachers. It’s gems like this that you don’t get in other records."

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Frequently asked questions

Can I view old newspapers online?
With our online newspaper archives, you can view centuries-old newspaper pages in crisp, high-quality detail. You can even browse entire editions page-by-page to make it feel like you’re reading the printed paper.
How do I search newspaper archives?
Searching our newspaper archive is simple yet powerful. Start with just a name or keyword and our smart filters will help you pinpoint the pages that matter to you. Your ancestors’ stories are one quick search away.
How can I find old newspapers online for free?
Scoop! Millions of newspaper pages are free to view online at Findmypast. To explore our free newspapers, select the ‘Free to access’ filter from the ‘Article access’ menu when searching.
How do I find old local newspaper articles?
As you delve into Findmypast’s newspapers, you can quickly and easily add or remove ’County of publication’ and ‘Place of publication’ filters to refine your search to the area you’re interested in. We’ve also listed local newspapers on our regional pages.
Is the British Newspaper Archive on Findmypast?
Yes, as trusted partners of the British Library, we’ve digitised millions of newspaper pages for you to explore. You can read every word with a Findmypast Pro or Premium subscription or access the same collections on our sister site