Find your ancestors in United States, West Virginia births

What can these records tell me?

Discover your ancestor’s birth record from West Virginia. These records cover the mid-nineteenth century into the early twentieth century. In addition to learning your ancestor’s birth date, you may also discover parents’ and grandparents’ names, allowing you to expand your family tree.

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  • Father’s first name(s)
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  • Mother’s first name(s)
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  • Paternal grandfather’s first name(s)
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  • Paternal grandmother’s first name(s)
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  • Maternal grandfather’s last name
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By following the image link, you may be able to discover additional information about your ancestor’s family. For example, the images often include a town name, nationality and race of parents, and occupation. Some registers will also provide the number this child is for the mother, which will help confirm whether your ancestor had siblings.