Find your ancestors in Kentucky Deaths, 1911-1999

What's in Kentucky Death Records 1911-1999 offers the index of Kentucky Death records 1911-1999 as a solid reference for family history, totaling 2.8 million US records that detail close to 100 years of ancestry. The online transcriptions detail vital records that give descriptions about life span and last county of residence.

Kentucky Death records 1911-1999 may include:

  • Name
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Date of birth

    Other death records depending on time period and locality provide more extensive information:

  • Occupation
  • Cause of death
  • Age at death
  • Spouse
  • Social security number
  • Duncan L Hines, Death Record, 1971
    Duncan L Hines, Death Record, 1971

    How to use Kentucky Death Records

    Our ancestors may not have been as mobile 100 years ago as today, although many people relocate from the town they were born or where they last lived in a census record.'s online death records index is especially useful for ancestors that predated the social security program or failed to file for benefits.

    Accurate death records will also give clues on where to look for next of kin, including the deceased's spouse, children or siblings.

    What if spelling of relative's name changes?

    For many reasons records may differ: the spelling of names change or naturalization dates vary. You can bypass these road blocks with death certificate searches on, which are more often accurate due to the release of the information close to the event. Using online death records will help ensure that the spelling of a family member’s name are correct, even when other records differ.

    Pro tip:

    Our site can also search on name variants. This means if the spelling of a name has changed over
    time, or the name was incorrectly transcribed ( happens more often than you would think), the name variants option will improve chances for better results. Then use the options in the left hand navigation (limit by year, region, type of record) to narrow your search results dramatically.


    This index was prepared by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, and includes records from 1911 to 2007. Original copies of birth records found in this index can be obtained from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives at 300 Coffee Tree Road, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601.