Cincinnati Roman Catholic parish congregational records

Explore congregational records from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Congregational records may include registers of reconciliation and confirmation.

The congregational record will provide you with the following facts about your ancestors:

  • Name
  • Event date
  • Birth year
  • Parish
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Country
  • Archive

Images of the original Roman Catholic registers will be added soon.

The Cincinnati Roman Catholic records have been digitised and brought to Findmypast through a collaboration with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The diocese was first founded in the early 1800s to support and provide comfort to the thousands of German and Irish immigrants. These sacramental registers preserve the life stories of your ancestors. Through our partnership, you can now search these records by name and easily add them to your growing family tree.


Most Roman Catholic registers are in Latin. Findmypast’s search will search for the Latin translation of your ancestor’s name.

For help deciphering Latin terms, please see the below key terms:

  • Birth (nati, natus, genitus, natales, ortus, oriundus)
  • Baptism date (datum baptismi)
  • Birth date (datum nativitatis)
  • Birth place (locus nativitatis)
  • Cemetery (cemeterio)
  • Christening (baptismi, baptizatus, renatus, plutus, lautus, purgatus, ablutus, lustratio)
  • Child (infans, filius/filia, puer, proles)
  • Death, died (obiit, defunctorum, defuncti)
  • Father (pater)
  • Godparent (patrini, levantes, susceptores, compater, commater, matrina)
  • Marriage date (datum matrim)
  • Married together with (matrimonium contraxit cum)
  • Mother (mater)
  • Name and residence (nomen et residentia)
  • Parents (parentes, genitores)
  • Priest’s name (nomen sacerdotis)
  • Witnesses (testes)
  • When (quando)
  • Where (ubi)
  • Years of age (aetatis)