Find your ancestors in Kentucky Marriages, 1973-1999

Marriage Records may link to maternal lineage

A Kentucky Marriage record is an exciting and rare opportunity to discover both patriarchal and matriarchal lineage of your ancestors. This means you may find marriage records that include the surname of a female relative, opening an entire new chapter of your family history search.

How to use Kentucky Marriages

Kentucky Marriage records on are relatively recent allowing for a solid launching point for any family tree that is missing maternal lineage, or perhaps find a short-lived union that may have been left uncovered.

Indexes include marriages recorded in the state of Kentucky from 1973-1999.

Details on the index may include:

  • First and middle names
  • Last name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Spouse’s first and middle names
  • Spouse’s last name
  • Spouse’s gender
  • Spouse’s age
  • Spouse’s race
  • Date of marriage
  • Place of marriage
  • Groom’s marital status
  • Certificate number
  • Volume

  • Discover leads from groom's marital status

    Marriage records in Kentucky often give the marital status of the groom, offering valuable information if there had been a previous marriage. With this discorvery, you may follow up by searching in previous marriage records to find the name and surname for the previous spouse, as well as if there are any children that had gone unrecorded.


    This marriage record index was prepared by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, and includes records from 1973 to 1999. Where available, details include the original certificate number and volume which can be used to order copies of the certificate the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives at 300 Coffee Tree Road, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601.