Find your ancestors in Historical Society of Pennsylvania Births & Baptisms

What can these records tell me?

These records have been provided by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and include images from a variety of sources. The records range from the late 1600s to the mid-1900s. Each result included in this collection with have both a transcript and an image of the source document (e.g. original registers, historical society publications, etc.). Transcripts will often include the following information:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Birth year
  • Birth date
  • Year
  • Baptism year
  • Baptism date
  • Father’s first name(s)
  • Father’s last name
  • Mother’s first name(s)
  • Mother’s last name
  • Place
  • Diocese
  • State

Images may be able to provide additional details, such as who were named as godparents. This can be useful to you in your genealogical research as the godparents would likely be either family members or close family friends. Other images, such as those from publications of a historical society, may include biographies of the individual in question.