Find your ancestors in Oregon births & baptisms, 1868-1929

Explore birth and baptism records from the state of Oregon, dating from 1868 to 1929. Learn essential information about your family members, such as your ancestors’ places of birth.

What can these records tell me?

There are over 60,000 records in this index, and each includes a transcript for births and baptisms occurring in the state of Oregon. While the information for each person may vary, Oregon births & baptisms 1868-1929 typically provides:

  • First and last name
  • Birth year
  • Birth place
  • County
  • Residence
  • Parent’s name
  • Parent’s birth place
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Discover more about Oregon births & baptisms, 1868-1929

    The records in Oregon births & baptisms 1868-1929 cover a wide range of births dating from just nine years after Oregon becoming the 33rd state in 1859. Oregon did not begin statewide registration of births until 1903, but many cities and counties had recorded this information from much earlier. Portland, for example, has birth records dating back to 1862. Oregon births & baptisms 1868-1929 also includes some records for those who were been born outside of the state but were then registered with Oregon authorities.

    Use these records to discover new details to add to your family history and continue your research. You may also be able to find more information about your family in our other collections or in local Oregon newspapers.

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