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What is Tree Search?

With Tree Search, you can search other Findmypast members' family trees for your deceased ancestors (those marked as deceased on a family tree or aged over 110 years old).

Try Tree Search now

Tree Search will help you:  

  • Search for ancestors you have in common with others
  • Gather information from other members’ research and even privately message that member  
  • Validate your own research 
  • Help other Findmypast members to find their family stories

If a tree owner has shared their deceased ancestors, you can review details such as names, other relatives, and milestone moments, with the option to add them to your own family tree to help it grow.

How to access Tree Search 

You can use Tree Search for free when logged into your Findmypast account via the site menu or directly from your family tree builder. To view search results in more detail, you will need an active, valid subscription or a free trial

Changes to your family tree

Other members viewing your family tree information can't change or edit it. They can only see some details from your tree, and if relevant, they can add them to their own. This will only ever be for deceased ancestors or those over 110 years old. 

Viewing full family trees

You can view the entire family trees of other Findmypast members, featuring all their deceased ancestors, provided they have opted-in to sharing this information.




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