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Can I search records from my family tree?

There’s a quick and easy way to search Findmypast's records straight from your family tree. First, click on the person who’ll be the subject of your search. From there, a profile containing their basic details will pop open. 

Then, click the ‘Search records’ button. A search page will open with the ancestor’s name and some initial record results, which can be filtered down until you find the right ones. 


If you find a record you'd like to keep you can attach it back to your family tree.

You can also search for your ancestors in other Findmypast members’ family trees using Tree Search.  This intuitive tool draws on the research that others have done to help you make instant discoveries you won't get anywhere else. Simply open an ancestor’s profile and select Search trees.

Together, these features connect the two most important parts of your family research - your tree and your relatives' records.

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