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How do I view all of Findmypast’s records?

A list of all the record sets available on Findmypast can be found here.

This list is really useful when you're looking for a particular type of record. To explore all of our collections and find relevant record sets:

  1. Select ‘Search’ from the menu when logged into the site
  2. Select ‘All record sets’
  3. Enter what you're looking for in the search bar. A list of all the record sets relating to what you've searched for will appear
  4. Select the record set you want to search and you’ll be taken to a dedicated search page
  5. Enter your search criteria and select the search button


When viewing all of our record sets, you can filter by location and date range to help you pinpoint a collection. You can also sort the listings alphabetically by record set title, record category and record subcategory, or sort the record sets by the number of records they contain, in ascending or descending order.

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