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How do I organise my search results on Findmypast?

When you search for your ancestor’s records on Findmypast, you are presented with a list of search results. By default, the results are sorted by relevance based on your search criteria. There are a range of tools available if you’d like to alter how your results are displayed.

As standard, you can sort your list of search results:

  • Alphabetically by name, in ascending and descending order
  • Chronologically by birth, death or event year, in ascending and descending order
  • Alphabetically by record set name, in ascending and descending order

To sort in this way, simply select the criteria you want to order by from the top of its column in the search results. Selecting it once will sort the results in ascending order and twice will sort them in descending order. You can switch back to sorting by relevance at any time by selecting the blue ‘Sort By Relevance’ button.


Narrow your search results

To focus your search, you can switch between record categories, subcategories and countries using the filters or drop-down menus on each category search page.

You can edit the basic fields in your search criteria directly from the search results page and you can also return to the original search page from the results at any point by selecting ‘Advanced options’.

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