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How do I upload my family tree to Findmypast with a GEDCOM file?

You can upload any GEDCOM file to our free family tree builder. This will give you access to exclusive record hints you won't get anywhere else online.

To upload your family tree to Findmypast:

  1. Visit our import page
  2. Choose your GEDCOM file stored on your device and select 'Upload Tree'

Or, you can go to ‘Family Tree’ at the top left-hand side of your screen, then click ‘import a tree’. Then ‘Choose File’ to select your Gedcom file. 


Important notes:

  • We cannot upload any media files referenced in your GEDCOM
  • We accept files up to 140MB and containing a maximum of 120,000 people. If you wish to load a larger file please email

Don't have your family tree stored elsewhere? Find out how to start building it for free on Findmypast.


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