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How do I view my family tree on Findmypast?

Click on ‘Family tree’ at the top of your screen to open your tree. If you have more than one tree, click ‘Family tree’ then ‘View all trees’ and select the one you need.

Once you're on the tree, you can zoom in to focus on one person, or zoom out to fit as many people on the screen as you can.


All you need to do is click the plus or minus symbol on the right-hand side to increase or reduce the percentage. You can click and drag to move in any direction on the tree too.

Navigating your family tree

To search for a specific person in your tree, enter their name in the ‘Find someone on your tree’ search box. In the search results click on their name and you will be taken to their place in your tree.

This tool is very useful if you have a large, highly detailed family tree.

You can also make someone your 'Focus person' by clicking the miniature tree icon poking out of their side. This will show only the people directly related to that person, effectively making the tree their 'family view'.


However, if there's someone you always like to return to on the tree, (yourself, for example), you can make them your 'Home person'. Click the cogwheel at the top of your tree, then name your home person.

Once they're set, you can click the home icon to return to them no matter where you are. 


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