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New school records online

We’re back with new and exclusive school registers

Picture of Niall Cullen - Content Marketing Lead
Niall Cullen
8 January 2021

2021 begins as 2020 ended - with new family history records you won't find elsewhere online.

We're going back to school on the first Findmypast Friday of the new year. Here's a rundown of what's new this week.

We’ve added over 13,000 new Yorkshire school records to this exclusive collection. Use them to unlock amazing detail about your ancestor’s childhood.

Check under Yorkshire on our list of schools to see full details on the school records that have been added and the timeframes covered.

These latest additions bring the entire collection to over 9.2 million records. It's a must-search for anyone interested in their ancestor's school days in England and Wales.

We’ve added over 40,000 records, spanning 600 years, to this useful resource. Some entries include multiple names, ideal for the Welsh branches of your family tree.

Names in family records

An example of the detail that can be found in these records. This entry includes seven names and other vital details. View the full record.

This latest release covers 19 Montgomeryshire parishes. Check the location list to see exactly which churches and years are included.

Did your Methodist ancestors exchange vows in Devon? Find out in thousands of new records from 44 parishes. The new records span from 1845 to 2001.

The parish list highlights which chapels are new or updated, the years they cover and the number of records we've released from each one.

With millions of exclusive parish records and other unique resources, Findmypast is the best place for tracing Devon family history online.

With papers from India to Irvine, Wales to Worcestershire, we’ve added eight brand new additions and updated 12 others. Brand new to our newspaper archives this week are:

While we've supplemented the following papers with extra pages:

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