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By Niall Cullen | June 18, 2021

New crime records on Findmypast

Is there a bad apple on your family tree? You could find out with this week's Findmypast Friday new releases.

Sometimes shocking but always fascinating, finding a felon in your family history is one of the richest discoveries you can make. Which shady piece of your past will you unlock with this week's new records?

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935

Discover your criminal ancestors’ mugshots, prison registers, visitors’ details and more in the latest additions to this fascinating collection.

Spanning from 1784-1939, the records and prisons featured in these latest additions are:

One of the most exciting elements of our crime collection is the chance of seeing your ancestor staring back at you. To explore original mugshots, search the MEPO 6, PCOM 2 and PCOM 4 series.

Old criminal mugshots

Mugshots of prisoners from Pentonville Prison. View the full record.

With over 800,000 new additions and the entire collection now standing at over 6.6 million records, you've got more chances than ever of finding a criminal connection. We've also added these latest records to our browsable collection so you can scour the detail-rich documents page-by-page.

Westminster Parish Records

Unearthed from our new crime resources, explore the records of hundreds of baptisms and burials that took place in Westminster Penitentiary.

Westminster penitentiary burial records

An 1823 burial register from Westminster Penitentiary. View the full record.

Most of the baptism records are for adult prisoners, along with some that appear to be the children of prison staff.


This week, we've added the archives of two new publications and expanded coverage in six others. Online for the first time are:

While we've added thousands more pages to:

Findmypast Fridays live

Have you discovered a salacious or heartbreaking crime story in your family tree? We'd be fascinated to hear how you found it and how it's affected you. Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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