Marriage bonds and minute books: explore it all with this release

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By Jessie Ohara | August 26, 2022

Murders, marriage bonds, and minute books: explore it all with this release

From social history deep dives to 17th century marriages, there's a wealth of knowledge available this week.

If there was ever a release you could get lost in, this is it. From Irish social history from the 1800s to 358 years of marriage bonds, here's a rundown of everything that's new.

Britain, Marriage Licenses

Originally available as an image browse, we have now transcribed these 218,000 Norfolk marriage bonds and added them to our Britain, Marriage Licenses collection.

A marriage bond from Norwich, Norfolk, 1852.

A marriage bond from Norwich, Norfolk, 1852. View this record here.

These records span 358 years from 1557 to 1915, and while most of the earlier records follow the same set format, later records may include additional information such as their residence.

Horatia Nelson's marriage record

Horatia Nelson's marriage record. View this record here.

Notable marriages in this collection include that of Horatia Nelson, the illegitimate daughter of Lord Nelson, to her spouse Reverend Phillip Ward. You could also find the marriage of Jerimiah Colman and Ann Colman, the former of which later bought a mustard company and founded Britain's favourite, Colman's Mustard.

Waterford, Grand Jury Presentments 1808-1899 Image Browse

If there was any doubt of the fact that we have the largest online collection of Irish records, let that be dispelled. This Waterford collection contains Grand Jury query and account books, assize presentments and contract details throughout the 19th century.

Grand Jury assize presentments in the spring of 1884.

Grand Jury assize presentments in the spring of 1884. View this record here.

The Grand Jury was the main arm of local government in the 18th century, with responsibility for:

The names found in these pages may have been maintenance workers, staff or suppliers, or may have paid a fee to the Grand Jury.

Heed the headlines

We've brought you another 305,000 newspaper pages across 131 new and updated titles. The focus is local history this week, with pages spanning 140 years of history and covering Belfast to Brighton, Scotland to Surrey, and beyond. When one catches your eye, just head to our newspaper archive and filter by title.

New titles:

Updated titles:

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