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By Daisy Goddard | June 21, 2024

Findmypast Friday

This Findmypast Friday, there are 19,880 additions for you to explore.

This Findmypast Friday we added a bumper release of new military records from the 19th and 20th centuries.

In addition to updating our Coldstream Guard collection with over 14,000 new photos, we added two new record sets - from the H.M.S Alceste's Mission to China in 1817 and the Battle of Barrosa in 1811.

There are also 206,336 newspaper pages to explore, within one new title and 25 updated ones.

British Army, Coldstream Guards 1800-1981

This week, you can discover the history of the Coldstream Guards in more vivid detail than ever.

Coldstream Guards football team

Coldstream Guards football team. View this photo.

14,293 new photographs of the Coldstream Guards have been added this week - you'll find a wide range of images within this release, with photos covering everything from life in the trenches to the regiment's football team.

Peninsular War, Battle of Barrosa 1811

This brand-new set contains 256 transcriptions from the British Navy's 1817 mission to China.

Royal Navy, H.M.S. Alceste Mission To China, 1817

If your military ancestor fought in the Battle of Barrosa during the Napoleonic Wars, their name may appear within these 5,331 new transcriptions.

New pages from Halifax to Hartlepool

We added 206,336 pages to our newspaper archive this week - with one new Yorkshire title and updates to 25 of our existing publications.

Here's everything we added to our newspaper archive this week.

New titles:

Updated titles:

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Last week we added over 22,000 parish records from Bedfordshire - you can explore the full release here.

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