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By Liam Kelly | April 17, 2020

Findmypast new records

We're excited to bring you even more burial records to help with your journey into your family's history.

We've added over 2.8 million records to our extensive burial collection this week. Here are the details on what’s new.

Greater London Burial Index

Over 31,000 new records covering 10 parishes across the Greater London area have been added to this unique collection. Burial records can reveal excellent details for your family tree including:

The records consist of transcriptions of the original burial record. The parishes covered in this latest release are:

This week's new additions to the Greater London Burial Index have been provided by Cliff Webb, John Hanson and Monica Stevens.

Surrey Burials

Over 450,000 additional transcripts of burial records from the South East of England have been added to this exclusive collection. All parishes have been updated, significantly in some cases. Check the parish list for details of the parishes and timeframes covered.

All of these newly-released records have been provided by our partners at the West Surrey Family History Society.

United States BillionGraves Index

More than 2.1 million records have been added to our cemetery index for the United States.

The BillionGraves index is a great resource if you're looking for information about your ancestor's death. It includes over 21 million headstone records for the United States alone. Each entry includes a transcript of what's included in the record, a photograph of the gravestone, and GPS details of the precise location of the gravestone.  So you can see your ancestor's grave without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Canada BillionGraves Index

We’ve also added over 97,000 records to our BillionGraves cemetery index for Canada.

Headstones are a great resource for family history. They provide vital information about your ancestors, such as birth and death dates and may also provide additional details about their lives. Gravestone inscriptions can show family relationships, societies or organisations your ancestors may have been part of, military rank or affiliation, religious denomination and more. They could even reveal those missing clues you need to overcome a tricky 'brick wall' and provide guidance on where to go next in your hunt for your past.

If these latest cemetery and burial records have unlocked new chapters in your family's story, we'd love to hear about it. Reach out to us on social media using #WhereWillYourPastTakeYou?


Two new publications from England and updates to six other titles sees our newspaper collection bolstered yet again. Brand new to the collection this week are:

As well as those brand new additions, the following six titles, including a couple of leading regional papers from North West England, have been updated:

Read our family records guides to learn more about newspapers and parish records, while our help hub offers helpful tips on how to use them to further your family history research.

Findmypast Fridays live

We're still hosting a range of extra online discussions and events on Facebook to help the Findmypast Community through these times of uncertainty. Our live events continue every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00 BST. Come join us and get involved.

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