Enrich your tree with over 200,000 new records, from Lincolnshire to West Yorkshire

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By Daisy Goddard | February 24, 2023

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Delve into this week's new and all-unique record additions.

If your family hails from Suffolk, Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, you'll want to explore the exciting new marriage, parish baptism and school admission records in this release.

Lincolnshire Baptisms

This week, we added a whopping 216,638 new and unique records to this collection. Ranging between the years 1754 and 1812, they come from 269 churches and chapels across the East Midlands county of Lincolnshire.

This release includes records corresponding to two notable British figures - poet Alfred Tennyson, and explorer Sir John Franklin.

Alfred Tennyson

Lincolnshire-born Alfred Tennyson, c.1860.

As revealed in this release, Alfred Tennyson was baptised in the deanery of Bolingbroke, Somersby on 8 August 1809. His parents were George and Elizabeth Clayton.

Long before his dangerous Arctic expeditions, our record reveals how explorer John Franklin (the son of Willingham and Hannah) was baptised in Spilsby, St James, on 18 April 1786.

With this week's release, we've updated our Lincolnshire parish registers list, which you can find here.

Suffolk Marriage Index

If you've got roots in the county of Suffolk, you'll be pleased to hear that we've added 52,387 records to our Suffolk Marriage Index this week. Accordingly, we've updated our Suffolk Marriage Index Parish list, too.

St Mary's

St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, featured in this week's new additions to the Suffolk Marriage Index.

Covering the years 1813 to 1837, these records are from over 500 Suffolk churches, from All Saints in Acton to St Peter in Yoxford.

National School Admissions Register

Did any of your ancestors grow up in West Yorkshire in the late 19th or early 20th centuries? We've added 5,708 records for Halifax to our National School Admissions Register which can help to shed light on how your forebears spent their early lives.

From Roomfield to Walshaw and including both school-age pupils and adult learners (up to the age of 45), this detail-rich release spans from 1867 to 1927.

A brand new newspaper release

We added 139,000 new pages to our newspaper collection this week, including an impressive 40,000 pages of the Bristol Evening Post.

This week's release also includes an all-new title, the Special Financial.

Despite its name, this publication isn't a special interest title but a newspaper that reported the goings-on of East London. It ran for just a matter of months, between June and October 1889. Nevertheless, its four pages provide valuable insight into the lives of contemporary East Londoners.

Although the reasons for this ill-fated newspaper's short run are unclear, we can certainly learn a lot from its few pages, which were sold for one penny in 1889. In addition to a wide range of advertisements, the Special Financial reported on news from the Bethnal Green and Shoreditch Guardians. It also included sports and scientific sections.

To discover more of the stories that we added to our newspaper archive this week, browse the full list of new and updated titles below.

New titles:

Updated titles:

Whatever you discover, be sure to share your exciting findings with the community via the Findmypast forum.

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