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1921 Census release

21 ways to get ready for the 1921 Census

Findmypast blog writers
The Findmypast team
27 October 2021

The countdown to the 1921 Census of England and Wales has begun. Get ready for its arrival with our handy checklist.

The 1921 Census of England and Wales is coming to Findmypast on 6 January 2022 and you won't find it anywhere else online. This detailed snapshot of 38 million lives will reveal where your relatives were, what they were doing and who they were with one summer night in 1921. Are you prepared for every family surprise to be revealed?

Get ready for the 1921 Census

We want to help you make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. So while you count down the days until the 1921 Census arrives, we've created an interactive checklist to keep you occupied and make sure you're geared up to get the best from it.

Covering everything from related record collections to staying up-to-date, this is your ultimate guide to getting ready for one of the most momentous family history releases ever.

Tick off each task as you go and you'll be set to play census detective come 6 January.

Have you ticked all 21 boxes? There's just one question left. Where will the 1921 Census take you? It might change the way you see your past. And even how you see yourself. To find out, visit Findmypast from 6 January 2022.