21 incredible insights that will change how you think of World War 2 forever

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By The Findmypast Team | May 18, 2020

facts about ww2

Family history guru, Myko Clelland delves into his Twitter archives to bring you his most jaw-dropping Second World War facts.

Millions of families are linked to the Second World War. A truly global conflict, it lasted for six years, directly involved over 100 million people from more than 30 countries and caused over 70 million deaths.

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For some of us, World War 2 is in living memory. For the rest of us, we rely on what we learned about it at school, from family, on TV and online. But there is so much more to World War 2 than meets the eye. So many fascinating people, events and facts are rarely mentioned. We want to change that.

Known for his colourful and insightful Twitter feed @DapperHistorian, we asked Myko Clelland to compile his favourite, most astonishing insights on the war. You probably didn't learn about any of these details in your school history books and they may just leave you reimagining everything you ever knew about the Second World War.

Amazing World War 2 facts

1. Creative propaganda

2. Remembering the past in the present

3. Mapping out a different course of history

4. The Second World Star War?!

5. Money problems

6. "It's more like a club..."

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7. Then and now

8. Indestructible memories

9. What could have been...

10. Thirsty work

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11. No joke...

12. Makeup and mend

13. D-Day in detail

What was it like to experience the D-Day landings in Normandy? Read this moving account from a veteran who was there.

14. We're still making discoveries

15. Carrot pops?!

16. What's your family connection?

17. Leaked evidence

18. Art imitating life

19. The view from above

20. A TV moment for the ages

21. Welcome home heroes

Has this list of lesser-known facts and insights inspired you to discover your own family's role in World War 2? Perhaps the women in your family were GI Brides or maybe your relatives served on the Home Front? Whatever your connection to the Second World War, Findmypast is the place to unlock more about it.

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