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20 amazing finds you'd never expect to see in historical records

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By Guest Author

24 June 2019

From the quirky to the crazy to the moving, our resident records guru, Myko Clelland shares his favourite family history finds.

When you think of historical family records, you probably envisage delicate old documents with elaborate handwriting from olden times, full of names and dates to populate your family tree? In most cases that's exactly what these genealogical gems offer but every so often you'll also uncover a little extra.

I've been researching my family history for years and have stumbled upon all sorts as I've scoured through records. When I find something interesting, disturbing or downright bizarre, I share it on my Twitter profile for others to enjoy. These are just some of the weird and wonderful discoveries I've made.

Curious census records

Old newspaper oddities

Peculiarities in parish records

And finally…a marvellous military record

So, as you're delving into your family's past, keep on the lookout for special records like these that give us an even greater glimpse into history.

About the author

Myko Clelland is a genealogist, spokesperson & regional licensing manager for Findmypast, regularly discussing family history on television, radio, online & in print. He holds a Masters degree in genealogy (distinction) and is a qualified adult education teacher with over 200 worldwide speaking appearances, from Oxford University to The National Archives (UK), National Library of Wales, RootsTech, The Society of Genealogists, Who Do You Think You Are? Live & many regional archives & local family history groups.