Find your ancestors in Britain, Executions 1606-1955

Discover the names of your English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish ancestors who were executed between 1606 and 1955. The records have been sourced from Additional details about the records can be found on the source website.

The index provides you with the names of those who were executed in Great Britain and Ireland. The index was originally created by The details in each result may vary depending on the event and date, but most will include the following facts:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birth year
  • Event year
  • Crime/victim – details either the crime the person was convicted of or the name of the victim of the crime.
  • Execution year
  • Execution date
  • Execution place
  • Execution method
  • Hangman

If you have found the name of your ancestor in these records, you should continue your family history exploration with Findmypast’s England & Wales, crime, prisons & punishment, 1770-1935 records or Irish prison registers 1790-1924 to discover more about your criminal ancestor’s arrest and trail. You can link through to these records in the Useful links and resources section.