Find your ancestors in Middlesex, Harrow School photographs of pupils & masters 1869-1925

Did your ancestor attend Harrow School between 1869 and 1925? Discover beautifully captured school portraits of Old Harrovians. Among the images, you will find former Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, English cricketer Major Eric Buller, Commander-in-Chief Lord Gort, and 7th Earl Spencer.

Each result will provide a portrait photograph and a transcript of details related to the student. The information found in each transcript will vary, but many will contain the following:

  • Name
  • Year
  • School name
  • House
  • Housemaster
  • Clubs
  • Monitor
  • Father’s name and address
  • Notes
  • County and country
  • Plate number


With each result, you will be able to view a portrait of a Harrow School portrait. In some cases, there are group photographs of students together.

Harrow School, an independent boarding school for boys, was founded in 1572. Among its alumni of Old Harrovians, it can claim Prime Ministers, Members of Parliaments, artists, poets, scientists, actors, and more. The photographic portraits of students found within this collection were originally captured by Hills & Saunders. Findmypast has been able to add additional supplemental information about each student from the Harrow School Registers such as father’s name and clubs.