Find your ancestors in Victoria Police Gazette 1864

Police Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. Compiled to be distributed amongst the Police Force only, these Gazettes therefore contain details and information that can not be found anywhere else.

They include court lists, lists of warrants issued, appointments and changes in the Police Service, lists of arrests and discharges (which include descriptions), escaped prisoners, and sometimes missing persons. Notices from Police Gazettes from other states are also often included.

Some example entries are:
Murder etc. - 11 February 1864
Bartholomew Burke, alias Moore, is charged, on warrant, with the murder of Mary Burke, at Epping, about September, 1858. He is an Irishman, aged about 43, 5 feet 7 1/2 or 8 inches high, medium build, dark complexion, hair, whiskers, and moustache, probably now turning grey. He was formerly a soldier in H.M. 40th regiment, at Melbourne, and at that time acted as officer's servant; he was thence discharged in 1857. He was afterwards in the escort, stationed at Gisborne or Kyneton; his wife then living with him. About 1860 he worked at Kew for two contractors names Morgan and Sobie, being then known by the name Moore. In 1849 worked at Gardiner and Cheltenham under two contractors names Dwyer and Malone, at the time when one George Oldham was murdered there by one Regan. About two years ago he was at work stone breaking near the Plough Inn, Plenty road. His general appearance is that of a labourer.-10 February, 1864

Miscellaneous Information - Rewards
To sergeant 1st class William Acton (11), at Inglewood, the sum of 5 pounds has been awarded from the Police Reward Fund, in acknowledgement of his skill and diligence in procuring information leading to the arrest and remand from New Zealand, of Peter Mathews, charged with stealing a watch from the person of John Navin, p. 216; and in arresting Robert Wilson, charged with rape, and Henry Pimpernell, for arson.
To sergeant 2nd class William Britt (47), and constable David Gomley (285), at Maryborough, the sums of 4 pounds and 3 pounds respectively have been awarded, in acknowledgment of their zeal and activity in the arrest of twenty-five Chinamen for gambling.