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How do I review, accept or reject hints?

When we show you hints on your Findmypast family tree, you choose what to do next. If the information is useful for your family tree, you can use it to enrich the branches. If not, simply discard the hint and keep going.

Reviewing hints 

First, locate the hints in one of three places. On your dashboard when you first log in; within the orange ‘Hints for this tree’ button at the top of your family tree view; or within the little orange circles next to your relatives. Select any of these and a full list of hints will open up.


On each hint, you’ll see a brief description of the record set we sourced it from, and a preview of some of the information it contains. If it looks like it could be relevant, click ‘Review’ to see the information in full. 

Accepting or rejecting hints

Once you’ve clicked ‘Review’, you’ll see a comparison of the person in the record next to the person you’ve added to your family tree. If they appear to be the same person and the new details look useful, click ‘Yes, next step’ to copy the information onto your tree. 


If you’re unsure whether it’s the right person, click ‘Maybe’ and you’ll get to review the hint again at a later date. If it doesn’t look useful or like the right person, click ‘Reject’ to remove it from your hints list.


Follow these quick and easy steps as your family tree grows and it will be flourishing in no time.

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