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What records are available on Findmypast?

The breadth and depth of family records available on Findmypast is truly amazing.

There are billions of records available to search and view right at your fingertips. They sit in individual collections called record sets.

You can see a full list of our records sets here. This list can then be searched by keyword and filtered by date range and location.


Selecting any record set will bring you to a dedicated search page where you can delve deeper into the collection. 

How many records are on Findmypast?

There are billions of individual records on Findmypast and we add more every week.

Counting these records is a complex process. How we measure the size of our collections essentially boils down to how a record is defined. Is it simply a mention of an individual person? A household? A page? If a birth record contains the names of multiple individuals, how many records is that?

For our indexed collections, record counts are defined as the information listed for each specific person included. For example, each line on a census is counted as one record as it contains information about one specific person. Un-indexed collections such as newspapers, periodicals and electoral registers are trickier as there is no underlying structure to determine the number of individual entries. In these casespages are sampled in their entirety and an average is then applied to determine an estimated number of names.

Our total record count is worked out by combining the number of records for each person contained in our indexed collections with the estimated number of names in our un-indexed collections. 

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