Nourish Northumberland connections with thousands of new and unique records

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By Jessie Ohara | February 3, 2023

Explore your northern roots this week with our stronger than ever parish collection.

This week's latest new additions hail from the English county of Northumberland, a land steeped in rich history. Delve into brand new parish records, including monumental inscriptions, to help your family tree bloom.

Northumberland Baptisms

Get ready for explore over 13,000 new records from six churches, covering the years 1571-1847. The new additions are from:

Fascinatingly, all 78 records for Rochester, Birdhopecraig Presbyterian are for the same family: the Rutherfords. Nestled in Northumberland National Park and close to the Scottish border, Rochester was once the site of Breminium, a Roman fort built to protect Dere Street, which passes through the village. The records for this small church span from 1752 to 1847: that's the genealogy of one family over nearly a century.

You may find details such as both parents' names, the father's occupation, and residences.

Northumberland Marriages

The 384 new records are from All Saints in Northumberland, spanning 1769-1771.

A 1769 page from the Northumberland marriages

A 1769 page from the Northumberland marriages. View this page here.

There's even one for William Rutherford, who married Catherine Ewart at All Saints in May 1771.

Northumberland Burials

Closing off these Northumberland parish records are 86 new burial records for Haggerston, Our Lady and St Cuthbert. This is a Roman Catholic church, built in 1829.

Death announcement of Carnaby Haggerston in 1831

Death announcement of Carnaby Haggerston in the Leicester Chronicle, from England, Newspaper Death Notices.

The records include the burial of a man named Sir Carnaby Haggerston, buried on 3 December 1831. He was the 5th Baronet Haggerston, son of Sir Thomas and Mary Silvertop. Their line stretches back to the first baronet, created in 1642.

Northumberland & Durham Memorial Inscriptions

A further 5,300 records spanning 505 years have been added to this collection, which cover seven burial grounds across Northumberland and Durham:

Using these transcripts, you should normally uncover names, burial and birth years, and even details on their denomination. In some cases, you might find additional notes or an inscription.

Stop the press!

A further 156,854 pages have been added to the newspaper archive, including a duo of new London titles, and updates to a further 23.

New titles:

Updated titles:

If you have questions, discoveries or even just want a chat, make sure to join us on Facebook at 4pm GMT each Friday, where we take you through each record release and discuss your incredible finds.

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