2.7 Million Additional Newspaper Articles Added

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By Niall Cullen | July 25, 2017


Since our last update, we've added over 2.7 million more articles to our ever-growing collection of historical British and Irish newspapers.

The latest additions consist of a total of 12 newspapers including ones from Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire and two from London. Plus, we've added 4 brand new titles from Scotland and 3 from Ireland.


What's New?

The below list details exactly what's been added, how many articles you can search and the year range currently covered.

Herts & Cambs Reporter & Royston Crow - 7,674 articles covering 1898

Knaresborough Post - 224,882 articles covering 1868-1878, 1880-1898, 1900-1905, 1912

Galloway Gazette - 22,596 articles covering 1891-1892, 1895, 1952

Forfar Dispatch - 155,181 articles covering 1912-1952

Fulham Chronicle - 76,345 articles covering 1914-1918, 1939-1945

Hampstead & Highgate Express - 87,378 articles covering 1888, 1900-1910

Kidderminster Times and Advertiser for Bewdley & Stourport - 12,389 articles covering 1874, 1900

Buchan Observer and East Aberdeenshire Advertiser - 416,890 articles covering 1863-1917

Carluke and Lanark Gazette - 182,490 articles covering 1906-1913, 1915-1951, 1953

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Furthermore, from Ireland, we've added 3 brand new titles:

Limerick Chronicle - 186,062 articles covering 1832-1868

Mid-Ulster Mail - 260,299 articles covering 1891-1914, 1923-1925, 1927-1932

Irish Independent - 1,073,338 articles covering 1891-1910

Newspapers make excellent sources of family history. You'll discover details about your ancestors' lives that you won't find anywhere else and on top of that, you'll be able to add context to their lives by reading news stories about what was happening in their communities and the wider world at the time.

These latest additions bring our entire archive of British and Irish newspapers to over 790 titles and a jaw-dropping 299 million searchable articles. The possible discoveries are truly endless.

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