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By Ellie Ayton | December 22, 2022

relatively is back

For many of us, our first and longest-lasting relationships are with our siblings. They come before friendships and romances. They’re the very beginning of our family histories: where the story starts.

Which is why podcast host Catherine Carr had such an interest in the uniquely personal relationships of siblings, and set about interviewing siblings together and separately. The result is the deeply nostalgic, unflinchingly honest, and heart-warming podcast Relatively, now in its fourth season.

In the podcast, Catherine and her guests discuss their relationships as children and as adults, with a sprinkle of family history revelations uncovered by Findmypast expert, Jen Baldwin.

So far, Catherine has interviewed the likes of Labour MP Jess Phillips and her brother Luke, actor Johnny Flynn (Emma, Lovesick) and sister Lillie, History Hit’s Dan Snow and sister Rebecca, author Nick Hornby and sister Gill, author Kit De Waal and brother Dean, and many more besides.

Each episode of Relatively is unique, and the power of sibling relationships shines through.

We’re proud to be sponsoring Relatively once again, with season four featuring the likes of journalist Caitlin Moran and poet Benjamin Zephaniah. And we can’t wait to share some of the incredible stories we uncovered in their family trees.

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Caitlin & Caroline Moran

Journalist Caitlin Moran was born in Brighton as one of eight children, with four sisters (including writer Caroline) and three brothers.

Caitlin Moran

Image: Andrew Lih, Wikimedia Commons

A comedy/drama about their upbringing in Wolverhampton, Raised By Wolves, began airing on Channel 4 in 2013, and was written by Caitlin and Caroline.

Dave & Steve Flynn

Also known as The Happy Pear, twins Dave and Steve hail from Ireland. Back in 2004, they set out to encourage everyone to eat more veggies.

Over a decade later, their dream boasts five cookbooks, a farm, a mobile app, a podcast, products, online courses, and a café/shop.

Reuben & Manni Coe

Reuben David Coe is the youngest of four brothers and was born in Yorkshire. After second eldest Manni (Richard Emmanuel Coe) received a desperate message from Reuben, who has Down’s Syndrome, he left Spain to come to his brother’s aid.

Since then, they’ve been rediscovering their relationship, with the story preserved in their book, brother. do. you. love. me.

Mick Fleming & Sarah

Pastor Mick Fleming was born in Burnley. The family suffered a tragedy when Mick was young: his 20-year-old sister Ann had died of a heart attack.

From there, he fell into a life of crime, and it was in 2004 he began to turn his life around for the better. Now, he can be found helping those in need in his hometown of Burnley.

JJ Chalmers

John-James Chalmers is a Scottish-born TV presenter and former Royal Marine Commando, who served in Afghanistan. Since then, he’s competed in the Invictus Games, winning several medals.

JJ Chalmers

Image: EJ Hedrsom, Wikimedia Commons

He’s also taken part in Strictly Come Dancing and television programmes focusing on Remembrance and the Second World War.

Benjamin Zephaniah

This British writer and poet was born in Birmingham, the son of a Barbadian postman and a Jamaican nurse.

He won the BBC Young Playwright’s Award in 1998, was awarded an honourary doctorate from the University of Birmingham in 2008, and was listed at 48 in The Times list of 50 greatest post-war writers. 

Benjamin Zephaniah

Image: Wikimedia Commons

In addition to poetry, he’s also appeared in the BBC Drama Peaky Blinders, and is an anti-racism activist.

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