Find your ancestors in Royal Household Staff 1526-1924

Discover whether your ancestors worked for the British Royal Family.

These records cover staff employed at Royal residences across the UK between 1526 and 1924. This date range includes the reigns of King Charles I, Queen Victoria and King George V.

This collection includes a number of different types of document, so you may find that your ancestors appear more than once. The information listed varies, but the records usually include a combination of the following details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Dates of employment
  • Salary or wages
  • Pension or other payments made to the employee
  • Career history
  • Date of death

You may also find your ancestor's signature, information about their WW1 service or the reason their employment ended.

The following departments and lists make up this record set.

  • Royal Household Index 1660-1901
  • Royal Household Establishment Lists 1854-1924
  • Staff Lists for Lord Chamberlain's Dept 1837-1924
  • Royal Household Establishment Books 1526-1920
  • Establishment Lists for Master of the Household's Department 1835-1924
  • Establishment Lists for Royal Mews 1717-1924
  • Royal Household Account Books 1730-1845
  • Royal Household Staff Details 1715-1924
  • Lists of Pensions and Allowances 1814-1924
  • Lists of Salaries and Wages 1817-1924
  • Royal Mews Warrant Books 1760-1867