Find your ancestors in Britain, school and university register books 1264-1930

Reveal your ancestor through school and university register books. Discover if your relative was a member of the school’s cricket team, school captain or on the honours list. Gain biographical details about your ancestor after his/her school years like employment information, marriage date and death date. Many of the registers were written after World War 1 and comprises military career details of alumni in the Great War. Explore the college registers of the world famous Oxford and Cambridge Universities. You can also discover your ancestor if he/she taught in the school as all the registers include staff names.

The records consist of digitised copies of school and university register books. They include a full register of former pupils. The lists often include biographical details like birth year, father’s name, employment after school and family information. Most of the books will include a full history of the institute, followed by lists of previous headmasters, tutors, sporting teams and illustrations or photographs.

Discover more about the Britain, school and university register books 1264-1930

We have register books from 41 different schools and universities. Below is a list of every institute. For more detail about each register explore our lists of registers by country and county in the 'Learn more' section. Britain, school and university register books, 1264-1930

School/University name 
Ackworth School, Yorkshire, England (1879-1930)Keble College Oxford, Oxfordshire, England (1870-1925)
Balliol College Oxford, Oxfordshire, England (1832-1914)King's College Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (1797-1925)
Blundell's School, Devon, England (1770-1882) King's School, Kent, England (1835-1920)
Carlisle Grammar School, Cumberland, England, (1264-1924)Kingswood School, Somersetshire, England (1746-1897)
Charterhouse School, London, England (1614-1900)Leys School, Cambridgeshire, England (1872-1911)
Charterhouse School, Surrey, England (1872-1900)Loretto School, Midlothian, Scotland (1825-1925)
Clifton College, Gloucestershire, England (1862-1912)Manchester Free Grammar School, Lancashire, England (1730-1807)
Derby School, Derbyshire, England (1570-1901)Merchant Taylor's School, Middlesex, England (1871-1900)
Duke of Northumberland's School, Northumberland, England (1811-1911)Merchiston Castle School, Midlothian, Scotland (1833-1903)
Dulwich College, Surrey, England (1619-1926)Radley College Oxford, Oxfordshire, England (1847-1904)
Durham School, Durham, England (1840-1912)Repton School, Derbyshire, England (1557-1905)
Edinburgh Academy, Midlothian, Scotland (1824-1914)Rossall School, Lancashire, England (1844-1894)
Epsom College, Surrey, England (1855-1905)Rugby School, Warwickshire, England (1675-1905)
Eton College, Berkshire, England (1893-1899)Sedbergh School, Yorkshire, England (1546-1909)
Exeter College Oxford, Oxfordshire, England (1318-1878)Sherborne School, Dorset, England (1823-1892)
Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth, Lincolnshire, England (1854-1894)Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, England (1798-1898)
Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth, Yorkshire, England (1591-1891)St Lawrence College, Kent, England (1879-1924)
Giggleswick School, Yorkshire, England (1499-1921)St Peter's School, Yorkshire, England (1828-1844)
Haileybury School, Hertfordshire, England (1862-1900)Winchester College, Hampshire, England (1836-1890)
Harrow School, Middlesex, England (1801-1893)Wellington College, Berkshire, England (1859-1923)