Find your ancestors in Electrical Engineering Apprentices & Trainees, 1902-1934

The amount of information listed varies, but The Electrical Engineering Apprentices & Trainees records usually include the following information about your ancestor:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Dates of apprenticeship or training
  • Type of apprenticeship
  • Whether deceased by 1935
  • Cause of death
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    You can search for ancestors who may have trained with the electrical engineering company Metropolitan-Vickers at Trafford Park, Manchester between 1902 and 1934. The records list 4,756 ex-apprentices and trainees. Many lived in Manchester and the surrounding area, but a significant number were based overseas, showing the company's worldwide reach.

    Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Ltd was formed in 1919 from the former British Westinghouse Electrical and Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of the American Westinghouse Corporation. British Westinghouse had commenced manufacturing operations at Trafford Park, Manchester in 1902.

    Metropolitan-Vickers specialised in heavy electrical engineering but during its history it produced products as diverse as aero engines and the first transistor-based computer.

    The first edition of A Register of Ex-Apprentices and Ex-Trainees of the Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Limited was published in 1935.

    The register was compiled from company records and supplemented with information from a survey that drew responses from about 70 per cent of the ex-apprentices and trainees.