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8. FindmypastDNA

Findmypast and Living DNA have come together to introduce FindmypastDNA, which includes the Living DNA family ancestry test with a detailed ethnicity breakdown (including, if you choose, Family Networks matching) as well as a subscription to Findmypast and the ability to build a free family tree. This combined experience means your DNA analysis results will allow Findmypast to search and find records based on your regional ancestry breakdown.

This statement explains Findmypast’s privacy practices as they apply to FindmypastDNA and how specific personal data and genetic data that is collected and derived from your DNA test analysis is received and processed by Findmypast. The full Findmypast privacy policy also explains our collection of personal data in connection with our website that you visit to register, activate and use your Findmypast subscription. We recommend that you read our full privacy policy both now and later on our website when you are ready to complete your full Findmypast registration and activate your subscription with us. As explained, this privacy statement forms a part of our full privacy policy.

Living DNA’s Privacy Statement details how Living DNA will process and collect your personal data, and genetic data as a result of using FindmypastDNA and Living DNA’s services. Living DNA also has a Cookie Policy that describes how Living DNA uses cookies and similar tracking technologies when you are on the Living DNA website through which FindmypastDNA is available.

A. Through FindmypastDNA, Findmypast receives and uses your information as follows:

What personal information does Findmypast receive and use if you choose FindmypastDNA?

When collected

Type of information


Legal basis

When purchasing your Findmypast subscription and free DNA bundle

Name, email, phone numbers and shipping address

It is necessary to send this information to Living DNA to process and ship your free FindmypastDNA kit order.

Contractual - in order to complete our contractual obligation to provide you with a DNA kit and FMP subscription

When activating your DNA kit and linking your Findmypast and Living DNA accounts

Your name, email address, kit number, order identification

To deal with your requests and queries. For subscription administration purposes. To provide personalised communications

We process this information in our legitimate interest in order to administer the Findmypast subscription set-up processes, to communicate how to activate the Findmypast subscription and to help with subscription and account registration questions

When activating your DNA kit and linking your Findmypast and Living DNA accounts

Name and email address

To send Findmypast marketing communications about Findmypast products, services and offers or surveys (if you choose to receive these)

Where you give us your consent to receiving FindmyPast marketing communications.

When you receive your DNA results

Genetic data and ethnicity breakdown

Findmypast will use this data to suggest historical records related to your ethnicity breakdown, to enhance your Findmypast search results, and provide other customised content features such as personalised communications or dashboards.

Where you give us your specific consent to this use.

Family Networks matching (if you choose to participate in Family Networks, and depending on choices you make in respect of that service)

Name, date of birth and sex, ethnicity breakdown, genetic data Family Networks matches

To provide you with information related to your genetic DNA matches through the Family Networks service.

Where you give us your specific consent to this use.

When you use the Living DNA website

Cookies, IP Address, device identifiers; and aggregate information about visitors to [PRODUCT NAME] and activation pages on the Living DNA website.

To help us understand how best to optimise FindmypastDNA content on both Living DNA and Findmypast websites, and which may be used to place advertisements for FindmypastDNA or Findmypast services on our website or across other websites you may visit and to track conversion rates for our advertising across other websites. For more information about how Findmypast uses cookies see our cookies policy

As permitted by the settings of your device or where you consent on the living DNA website to use of cookies under the terms of Living DNA's cookies policy.

B. What information is not shared with Findmypast?
Please note: we understand that you control the use of your DNA and your genetic data. If new products are developed, Findmypast will only ever use your genetic data for any new products with your explicit consent.

Findmypast will not have access to your payment details in relation to the purchase of FindmypastDNA.

Findmypast will not have access to your biological sample, which is sent to and tested in the secure laboratory.

Living DNA use fully accredited professional laboratories to receive your mouth swab sample, to extract your DNA from the sample and to convert this into your DNA genetic data file. It is your genetic data which Findmypast may then receive where you consent to our use of your genetic data as described above, to provide enhanced ancestry insights and search results. Living DNA also receives your gender alongside the genetic data and will securely store your genetic data for us. Further information is available within Living DNA’s privacy statement.

C. What if I do not provide some or all of the information requested?

If you do not want to share your personal information and genetic data with Findmypast, it will not be possible to activate your Living DNA test and to participate in FindmypastDNA.

D. Retention of genetic data

Findmypast will retain your genetic data as needed to continue to provide you with the features associated with your purchase, to continuously update your Family Networks, and improve Living DNA ethnicity estimates unless you ask us to delete it sooner. Findmypast will review the need to retain your genetic data every ten years. You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data or genetic data at any time.

E. Contacting Living DNA

For more information about our partner Living DNA please review Living DNA’s Privacy Statement. You can contact Living DNA at:


Phone: +44 203 424 3482

Post: K10 the Courtyard

Jenson Avenue

Commerce Park

Frome BA11 2FG

United Kingdom

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