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Can I upgrade or downgrade my Findmypast subscription?

It’s easy to upgrade your current subscription: 

  1. When signed in, select the upgrade button from the navigation menu 
  2. You will be taken to the upgrade page where you'll see the available options 
  3. Select your new subscription and proceed to payment by clicking the 'Upgrade' button.  


Important points to remember: 

  • You can’t upgrade from a 12-month top-level membership
  • When you upgrade, there is no need to cancel your current subscription. Your upgrade automatically becomes your current subscription. The remaining value of your previous subscription will be discounted from your upgrade price 
  • For upgrades to our Premium subscription, a minimum price of €23.99 is in place if the remaining pro-rated value of your previous subscription falls below this price

We do not provide the option to downgrade your subscription. Instead, you can cancel your current subscription and choose a lower-level option once your current membership expires. 



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