Amazing 25% discount with Emerald Heritage

Amazing 25% discount with Emerald Heritage

Style yourself as (Irish) Squireen, Squire or Squiress. Own land in Ireland for just £29.99! Nestled within the famous Glens of Antrim, film location of Game of Thrones and ranked No.1 most scenic destinations in the world!

Amazing 25% discount with Emerald Heritage

To own a piece of the auld sod is the ultimate celebration of your Irish ancestry.

Now that dream can become a reality thanks to Emerald Heritage.

Created to protect and enhance an Irish landscape under serious threat (we’re now the least forested country in Europe), Emerald Heritage has developed an ingenious way to aid this cause.

For as little as £29.99 you can purchase a plot of land in Glens Wood, nestled in the magnificent Glens Of Antrim. As the [legally binding] landowner you can take the title Squireen (an early 19th century Irish term), visit your land anytime you want, and pass it on to future generations.

Perhaps just as important, you will also be playing your part in protecting this ancestral homeland of leafy glades, tumbling waterfalls, and rugged cliffs.

After all, why just have an affinity for Ireland when you can own a piece?

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25% discount on a piece of Irish land with Emerald Heritage
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