Find your ancestors in Northamptonshire Freeholders 1795-1797

Discover your English ancestor from the East Midlands county of Northamptonshire. The records will provide you with your ancestor’s name and residence. You may discover multiple records for one ancestor as these lists were created annually.

Lists of freeholders were produced annually and recorded the names of those who qualified for jury service. To be a juror, one had to be between the age of 21 and 70 and own a freehold property worth at least 40 shillings.

Freehold lists are an excellent early source for family historians. These lists were comprised decades before the first census of England and Wales.

Every result will give you a transcript. The transcripts were created from original records held by the Northamptonshire Record Office and will contain the following facts:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Date
  • Occupation
  • Parish
  • Hundred
  • County
  • Country
  • Residence if different
  • Archive
  • Archive reference