Regimental & service records

Records in this collection

Regimental and service records help to provide not only colour to your relative's life in the forces, but also often go into an incredible amount of biographical detail, including physical appearance, occupation, other relatives' details (marriage / children), tattoos / scars and other distinguishing features.

The colour to their military life may be found in service records detailing campaigns they took part in, medals awarded, their rank, promotions as well as any details kept regarding their conduct or character.

Of course, there are many other records available in this section that could add even more to your knowledge of their experiences and events that shaped their lives, whether they were a soldier, a military nurse or even, perhaps, a deserter!

It may also be worth searching for your ancestor in The British Newspaper Archive, where tales of bravery, and news from home would often be covered by both local and national press, including dispatches