First World War

Records in this collection

Researching military records in an attempt to discover your ancestor's role in the Great War can be both an interesting and emotional journey, with so many families affected by such difficult circumstances both at the front and also back at home.

Of course, information on casualties and the details of injuries sustained will be the first port of call should you know of a relative who lost their life during WWI. However, medal rolls and citations can also yield unexpected results and give an insight as to the events your and / or those close to your relative experienced.

Other interesting archive material includes the Gilles Archive, which is a dedicated record for those combatants returning from the front who too part in pioneering plastic surgery to aid with the injuries they had sustained in battle.

You may also like to search for your relatives in The British Newspaper Archive where tales of bravery, and news from home would often be covered by both local and national press, including dispatches