Find your ancestors in The Register of Derry Cathedral Burials 1642-1703

The Register of Derry Cathedral has over 10,000 baptisms, marriages, and burials for the period of 1642 to 1703. This register is an extremely useful source for those tracing family in Londonderry (Derry) and it provides valuable insight into the history of parish records in Derry Cathedral.

Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the register. While the amount of available information varies, most transcripts include the following:

  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • Event year
  • Death date
  • Burial date
  • Age at death
  • Residence
  • Spouse’s first name(s)
  • Spouse’s last name
  • Father’s first name(s)
  • Father’s last name
  • Mother’s first name(s)
  • Mother’s last name

Images often include additional information, such as occupation.

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Published by the Parish Register Society of Dublin in 1910, the Register of Derry Cathedral comprises the baptisms, marriages and burials for the parish of Templemore, which included Derry City, from 1642 to 1703.

The Parish Register Society of Dublin was formed in 1905 with the aim of publishing early Church of Ireland parish records. After merging with the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, in 1915, the Parish Register Society continued to publish registers in the Association's journal until 1934.