Find your ancestors in Crossle Genealogical Abstracts

Explore the various notebooks of genealogists Dr Francis Crossle and Philip Crossle to reveal a wealth of Irish genealogical resources.

The Crossle genealogical abstracts were created by Dr Francis Crossle and his son Philip Crossle in the late 19th century. They are a rich genealogical resource for Irish family historians. Notably, they created copies of prerogative court wills from 1620 to 1804, which were destroyed in the fire at the Public Record Office in Dublin in 1922. Crossle also provides a wealth of material for those tracing military ancestors including yearly Army returns from 1767 through to 1816. Furthermore, Crossle is an excellent resource for those tracing their ancestors in Northern Ireland.

With each result you will be provided with an image of the original record and a transcript of the vital details. The detail in each transcript will vary depending on the nature of the original record. Below are some of the facts you might discover.

  • Name
  • Birth year
  • Death year
  • Event year
  • Event date
  • Residence
  • County
  • Country
  • Married – Yes or no
  • Dead – Yes or no
  • Collection
  • Series description
  • File
  • Archive


We highly recommend that you view the original image. It may reveal the names of other family members or additional details about your ancestor such as occupation or title.