Find your ancestors in Ireland, Waterford, Dungarvan Town Commissioners Records 1851-1922

What can these records tell me?

The Dungarvan Town Commission was established in 1854 becoming an Urban District Council in 1898. It was responsible for a broad range of local government activity including:

regulating the markets
the maintenance of the roads, harbour, markets, waterworks
the Harbour Authority and collection of Harbour dues
Sanitation under the Public Health Act, 1874
providing artisan’s dwellings under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890.

The developments of the town can be traced and the growth of the town is clearly described. Events of local, national and international significance are also recorded. These include the heroic sea rescues and tragic losses at sea. The presence of Belgian refugees in Dungarvan during the First World War was recorded in the minutes (UDC/1/11) and a concert in aid of the Belgians was held in the Town Hall in Dungarvan on Monday 7 December 1914. The allegiance of the Urban District Council to Dail Eireann was recorded in the Minutes of the Dungarvan Urban District Council too.

With each result, you will be able to view a transcript of the vital details and an image of the original minute book. The amount of detail in each transcript will vary depending on the context of the record. You will find a combination of the following:



Event date


County and country

Archive and reference

Date range, series, page, and line – all refer to the original records held with the archive

We highly recommend that you take the time to view the images and the pages on either side by selecting the previous and next options. The image will provide you with more information about why your ancestor’s name was recorded in the town commissioners’ minute books. There are a number of reasons that your ancestor’s name would appear in the books including,

A member of staff

upplier of goods or services

Paid a fee

A request for assistance

Orphaned or deserted child