Find your ancestors in Ireland, Census of Protestant Householders 1740

What can these records tell me?

Each record includes a transcript of the original records. The original records were destroyed but these records were created by Tenison Groves, a professional genealogist and antiquarian, served at the Public Record Office of Ireland in Dublin from approximately 1900 and continued his work beyond the Four Courts Fire of 1922.

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Discover more about these records

In 1740, the Irish House of Commons mandated the compilation of records detailing Protestant householders in Northern Ireland. This task appears to have been carried out by Hearth Tax collectors during their various routes. Although the original returns, housed in the Public Record Office, were destroyed in 1922, surviving copies known as the Tenison Grove transcripts, named after the antiquarian, provide information for portions of the survey in the counties of Antrim, Armagh, Donegal, Down, Londonderry, and Tyrone. The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) in Belfast and the National Library of Ireland in Dublin possess hard copies of these transcripts.

This index is available from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.