Find your ancestors in Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations Vol. IV 1596-1608

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations Vol. IV 1596-1608

British Record Society volume 81

Published 1964

Introduction to Original Volume

In order to bring the Indexes to Administrations in the Prerogative Court into line with the Wills series - now complete to 1700 - the Society intends to fill the gap still left, as was stated by the late C. Harold Ridge, the Society's former Editor, in the Preface to Volume 76.

The slips for the present volume have been written by Mrs. G. L. Marsh and Major F. J. Jebens, M.C. The supplementary indexes have been prepared by Mr. L. R. Muirhead, M.A., F.S.A., and Mr. H. S. Pocock, M.I.E.E. Mr. Muirhead has once again put his unrivalled topographical knowledge at the Society's disposal in compiling the Index of Places while Mr. Pocock has indexed all surnames other than those of intestates.

To my colleagues on the editorial committee Mr. F. G. Emmison, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S. and the Hon. G. R. Strutt, M.A., I owe a debt of gratitude for valuable criticism and help throughout the production of this volume.

The occasional use of square brackets, following the Society's invariable practice, indicates information derived from the Probate Act Books.

September, 1964.