Find your ancestors in Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations Vol. II 1655-1660

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations Vol. II 1655-1660

British Record Society (BRS) volumes 72, 74, 75

Introduction to Original Volume

This is the second volume of Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations to be issued by the Society and with it the Commonwealth period is completed, (Vol. 68 issued for the year 1944 covered the period 1649 to 1654.) Other volumes to be consulted are:

  • Glencross, R. M. - Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1559-71; 1572-80; 1912-17, 2 Vols. 8vo.
  • Morrison, J. H. - P.C.C. Letters of Administration, 1620-30; including abstracts. Roy. 8vo. 1935.

Readers are referred to the Introduction to the previous volume of Administrations mentioned above. Miss P. W. Shield is once again responsible for the transcription and to her the thanks of the Society are due. The task has been long and trying. Miss Shield makes the following observations:— There are a number of Probate Acts on pages 31 to 33 of the Administration Act Book for 1659 and to these entries in the following pages the letters P.A. have been added. There are no Acts at all in November, 1659, during the latter part of this year one gets the impression that the Court was becoming disorganized. In 1660 there axe no Acts for January or February (1659-60) and few for March, the earliest in that month being dated the 14th.

C. H. R.